Have you ever had a part of your body restricted? Your foot? Waist? Have you ever worn a corset? I must admit to trying Spanx now and then and feeling constricted. But Ethel Granger takes the corset to another level.

Ethel Granger in Vogue Italia: The woman with the world's smallest waist

Vogue Italia shows an image of Ethel when she was younger. Click on this link to see the article.

How small is Ethel? This image shows the smallest sized corset waist in the late 19th century.

Corsetted mannequin in a corset shop

To show off a corset to the best advantage, the smallest size available in a corset was usually put on display just like modern shops where the small sizes are always put on the mannequins. – Corsets and Crinolines

Update: Lest one thinks that corsets are a thing of the past, here is Romanian-born model Ioana Spangenberg, with a waist of 20 inches. Click here to read more about her.

People have speculated that Ioana could not have achieved this effect without a corset.